Infants to Mobils

The Education Station Academy, our caregivers along with our curriculum   provide an enriching environment designed to enhance each baby's development. We use the highly acclaimed High Reach Curriculum just for babies called "Bright Baby" (you may reach that link through our web site by going to Parents then Resource Links)  that was created to provide a developmentally age appropriate program that encourages the cognitive growth of each baby we care for.

The care of babies in our Early Childhood program presents a variety of challenges. From physical facilities to the interactive environment, every part of our program touches the lives of each child and their family.  During the first years of a child's life, the foundation for the future is set.  Children who move into the preschool years with confidence, develop this view of the world during infancy.

We have two infant levels that we feel better enhances the development of our babies.  The Beginner Infant Class is from 6 weeks through 11 months,  Mobil class from 12 Months to 17 months for our walkers.

The caregivers of The Education Station  talk to our infants, hold them and rock them to encourage their overall development.  We surround our babies with attractive pictures, mobiles, colors and soft toys to encourage exploration.  We provide every opportunity possible for your baby to develop his or her own interest, at his or her own pace.


Each child is different, developing at his or her special pace.  Each has definite interest, likes and dislikes.  Nobody respects this individuality  like The Education Station--where each child is nurtured and cared for
by understanding caregivers.  Teachers keep track of your child's schedule, and guides them through the initial stages of language development, social interaction and letting your child explore just what he or she is ready to learn.  They can explore brightly colored objects, dress up, be creative in art center, do somersaults on soft mats, or chase after a spongy ball.

Constantly in motion, two year olds are determined to learn on their
own.  We provide a rich learning environment that helps them expand their vocabularies, find appropriate ways to express their creativity, and safely discover the world around them with the High Reach Curriculum for Two's.

Of course your child may just choose to cuddle up to his or her teacher and rock in a comfy rocking chair.  The main goal at The Education Station, is the relationship with our children to form a basic trust.  We show each child that his or her needs will be met and that this is truly a wonderful place, with all sorts of pleasant and new experiences.  Once children learn to trust, they will respond openly to new things and new acquaintances.