We are so proud to announce that you can now go online and sign up to pay your tuition and it will post right to your account.  Then it sends us a message that lets us know that you did. Just go to our Parents Page and click on the ProCare box and it will take you to the page that will let you pick a user name and password only known by you.  You can also check your balance, get your tax statement at the end of the year and more. It does not cost you anything in fees.  I will also send an email to help you get started.


We have a computer station in the front office as you come in the door that everyone needs to use to sign your children in and out. It will go on our dashboard and we will always be able to just click and see how many children are in each room. If you have not gotten registered yet, please come by the office and we will get you set up. It is so important that you sign your children in and out everyday in order for us to be able to do our job more efficient.  If you are registered and not signing out, it makes it really hard on us in our record keeping.  Thank you so much for your help with all of our new changes.

To get to the 2019 After School Summer calendar  go to Programs, Elementary Summer Camp  and scroll down to the 2019 Afterschool Summer Calendar.  Double click on it and  all three months will open in a PDF file. 

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    ESA will be closed

on May 27th for Memorial Day.  Also there be 

         no Public school