News Flash!!!!

Texas School Ready

We have been in the Texas School Ready Program for 12 years. Our Transitional Pre-k teacher is certified TSR. TSR certifies teachers not schools. We are  now happy to say that we have our four year old teacher and our infant room that are completeing their second year of three it takes to be certified. This year I have my three year old teacher that has been accedted in the program. They only had one spot, so next year I hope to get my other teaches accepted. We strive to have the best educational program that will ensure that your child is ready for kindergarten. We send at least if not more of our children to kindegarten testing out at first grade level or above.  My self andmy director are also certified TSR.

"News Flash"

We have done all of our due diligence to get accredited in the "Texas Rising Star" We were assessed on August 17th and 18th 2023.  I am proud to say that we passed as a 3 out of 4 stars.  We will continue to build on our quality and bring it up to a 4 of 4 stars.