We are so proud to announce that you can now go online and sign up to pay your tuition and it will post right to your account.  Then it sends us a message that lets us know that you did. Just go to our parents page and click on the ProCare box and it will take you to the page that will let you pick a user name and password only known by you.  You can also check your balance, get your tax statement at the end of the year and more. It does not cost you anything in fees.  I will also send an email to help you get started.


We have a computer station in the front office as you come in the door that everyone needs to use to sign your children in and out. It will go on our dashboard and we will always be able to just click and see how many children are in each room. If you have not gotten registered yet, please come by the office and we will get you set up. It is so important that you sign your children in and out everyday in order for us to be able to do our job more efficient.  If you are registered and not signing out, it makes it really hard on us in our record keeping.  Thank you so much for your help with all of our new changes.

Just so everybody knows...Ms Laura will be in Kansas Monday and Tuesday visiting with her Mother who is not doing well. I will be here if you need anything. She will be in center on Wednesday and the rest of the week. I will be out Wednesdy - Friday.  

Everybody wear Green on Friday March 15th

Don't forget we have our St Patties Partiesparties on  Friday the 15th at 2:30p  Sign up sheets to bring refreshment for your child's class will be posted by your child's classroom door.  Please sign up.  We really thank all of our parents for all that you do to help us have really fun times.

Attention parents, the week of March 11-15th is Spring Break for the Afterschool children. It was said that we were going Bowling on Wednesday the 13th but an emergency came up for me and I have to be out at that time of theday.  I am the only one that can drive the big bus so I had to cancel. On Thursday we are going to have our Hot Dog Bonanza at the Lavon city Park by City Hall.  We will cook hot dogs on the grill play games and have some good fun.  We ask that you bring sides like chips dip, fruit etc.

Don't forget "Teddy Bear Mobil" March 14th see below

This is our Library with over a thousand books on the shelves and an interactive smart board
Quiet Center in Prek-2 class
Circle Time Center
Listening and computer center