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Ms. Connie and Ms. Laura

Just wanted to drop a note to you both and let you know how well Jackson has done after his first year of kindergarten at school. He now is reading at a level 2.8 which is the end of 2nd grade reading level while still in KINDERGARTEN! He has read to the other kindergarten students in front of the class to show them how good he reads and his teacher tells me he  not only reads the words great but is actually comprehending what he is reading too. The TSR program that Education Station Academy does is top notch and has truly helped my son at school. I appreciate all the hard work you all helped him with for the two years he was there! Now, I am going to start getting him prepared to fill out the scholarship applications for academics he will have. :)

Marcey Bench

Assistant Vice President
Area Banking Manager


"Our two daughters started at Education Station Academy in 2013 at the ages of 3 and 4, the Teachers were more then welcoming every morning when we walked through the doors. They made it easy to drop my kids off and feel comfortable while I was at work, knowing they were safe and having fun.  Both our daughters graduated from the Pre-K program and were more then prepared  for their journey through Kindergarten with Education Station's Curriculum. We continued to participate in the afterschool program until we moved and got zoned for a different school district.


We then found out that we were expecting another child and sought out child care facilities closer to our house for convienience. We decided on enrolling him at Education Station becauise we knew he would be cared for in a great environment. My husband and I are more then pleased with the care he is given and are beyond blessed to have him being cared for by the best!"


Amanda Gaffaney, 2018

As a parent of two, I entrust my greatest blessings to the staff of Education Station Academy every day. I am grateful for the loving care and guidence they receive. The teachers and director look at each child as an individual with their own strengths and needs. My sons have been blessed with awesome teachers who understand their challenges and handle them with grace.  My children have learned so much and continue to share with me the great activities that go on each day at "school!"  Thank you to ESA for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day, and a special thanks to Ms. Connie, Ms. Laura and their staff...they continue to do amazing works of "heart" with all childrem


Ashlee W. 

Ms. Laura and Ms. Connie…first off, I want to say your daycare is Awesome, and everyone is sweet and friendly. However, I want to commend Ms. Tina for taking care of my baby and being able to pick up on what is best for him. She is AWESOME and she has been a Blessing to us and Ej. I also love his other two teachers- Jada is so sweet ( I cannot recall the young lady's name with the red hair.) They both will do whatever it takes to comfort Ej. I would like to do something special for them...if you could please email me the correct spelling of their names? Also, could you please let them know I emailed to say I appreciate them and all the hard work they do!!

Thank you so much

Tabetha Montgomery 2018