What Makes Us Different:

We are not a Daycare center or a baby sitter...we are an Early Childhood Educational facility. 

• We’re known for school success through the Texas School Ready Program – many of our graduates enter Kindergarten with 1st or 2nd grade reading levels                                       


• We teach kids resilience and self-confidence with the Conscious Discipline program (helps when kids are having a tough day)                         

• Half our teachers have been with us 10 years or more: low teacher turnover and high levels of expertise

Programs We Offer

Education Station Academy makes a promise to all of our family of parents that we will strive to provide the best and most well rounded program for their children. We are a play based center. This means that everything in the centers has activities for them to do that have been taught in large group or small group time.  Then they get the chance in center time to practice and master the activity at there own rate and pace.  Through our three assesments through out the year the teacher learns where they need help and continues to work on those needs. If you are looking for a center that does work sheets, that would not be us.  Worksheets are developmentaly inappropriate. I spent a long time serching and reserching  for the curriculum that I felt would really prepare our children the best possible chance to start kindergarten with the knowledge plus to start their journey through school so that they could have a wonderful adventure with a craving for learning.


We provide care for infants (6 weeks) through Pre-Kindergarten (ages 4 & 5). We also have after school care for children from Kindergarten–grade 5.



Before and after school transportation is provided for students that attend the following schools:

  • NeSmith Elementary         972-843-8620
  • McClendon Elementary     972-843-8409
  • Roderic Elementary           972-843-6150
  • Dodson Elementary  (Opening in the fall of 2023)  972-843-6250



Our Pre-K 3 classroom (Children entering kindergarten in the fall) is a certified Texas School Ready Classroom.  We have been in the program scence 2010.  Our Pre-k 1 and Pre-k 2 classes are trained by my certified teacher and run the same as our TSR classes. The Texas School Ready program is a grant through the University of texa at Houston.  They provide our curriculum and provide a mentor that has come and guided my certified teacher in the art of the program.  For three years she has attened 20 hrs each year of professional development classes put forth by the TSR trainers. We send at least 80% of our children to Kindergarten testing out on first grad level or above. This is something we are very proud to be able to say.




We offer a Dance Class for $45.00 a month.  They have classes for an hour once a week and a recital twice a year. December at our Christmas Program and the end of the year,


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