NO Public School December 22nd through January 5th . We will be closed December 25th

and January 1st.

Date: December 15, 2017

Week one of "Look who came to our School"

This is Nigel and Jingles

Nigel and Jingels came to our school on 

December 4th in thier sleigh and eight

Reindeer with Roudolf.  Reporting to Santa

on everybodies behavior. 

With our Santa Cams it helps Nigel and Jingels

report back to Santa at the end of the week.

They gave one to all of our teachers as well. 

Are they not smart?  Hee Hee!!!

Sometimes they get into mischeif themselves.

They locked Ms. Laura out of her office.

They love to play Connect Four on there break.

Nigel and Jingels want to let the children

know how proud they are of thier wonderful

behavior with some really good Candy Kisses

This is our Library with over a Thousand Books on the shelve and an interactive smart board
Quiet Center in Prek-2 class
Circle Time Center
Listening and computer center