Until further notice here are the guidlines  that HHSC (our Texas Minimum Standards) has set for us to follow.  Please read.


If you are new to our center, there is a form at the top of the download registration forms or at the top of the page there is a page for COVID-19 forms.  Please download and have it filled out before you come to the center. This is a requirement of HHSC. 


1. We will still be asking all parents to drop off at the door and we will   be checking temps as we were when we closed. This is just to make   sure that we stay as safe as possible.  The teachers will be wearing   mask.  Please talk to your children about this as we do not want them   to be afraid of us.

2. Bring your children to school without their shoes on. Then in a             plastic bag bring pair of what will call our school shoes that the   bottom   has been  sanitized and not worn out or on the floor after   sanitation.  Put them in   a zip lock baggie and we are going to keep   them at the school. When we send them home with you they will not   have on their shoes. 

3. Please only bring a blanket the size of a receiving blanket also in a   zip lock bag.  That way they fit in the cubbies without hanging out and   touching someone elses.  No pillows as they are  to big.  No stuffed   toys as they are harder to sanitize.  I know this is alot but we have to   do   as much as we can to keep all safe and healthy.

4. If your child has a fever of 100.4 they will not be allowed to stay.     Please do not give then Tylonal in the morning to make it go away   temporailly.  We will have to call you to come get them, but by that   time  everybody else has been exposed.  If they have a cough,   breathing problems or any other symptoms please keep them home as   we cannot except them.  These are policies that HHSC has given us to   follow in order not spread any contagons. 

 Ms. Laura and I are anxious to get back to normal and see ALL of our   babies.  Yes, ALL of the children are my babies. :)  

 Hope we see you soon, Ms. Connie and Ms. Laura

If you have any questions please feel free to call us as we are more then happy to help in any way possible. We hope that when this passes that we will see each and everyone of you back in our family.